“Excerpt from The Happy Dreamer Brand Story”

“We know that words have the power to change things”. Words are literally the most powerful things in the world; God used words to create the heavens and the earth. Why not use the power of words to change our lives by wearing words truth and wisdom as a second skin for power and protection?


Our shirts are designed to motivate people to be better human beings, in fact, the goal is to be the best human being possible by being the most loving person imaginable. The Happy Dreamer believes in love. He believes that love can change the world and the HDCC is his attempt to make that happen. Our mantra is, “Love God & Love People.” All of our designs are guided by this one grand dream… of creating a heaven on earth by being focused on Loving God and Loving People. The Happy Dreamer also likes to give. Giving makes him happy…so, The Happy Dreamer will give 50% of any profits to a selected charity.