The Happy Dreamer Brand story

“We know that words have the power to change things”. Words are literally the most powerful things in the world; God used words to create the heavens and the earth. Why not use the power of words to change our lives by wearing words of truth and wisdom as a second skin for power and protection?

I am a happy dreamer who believes in love and who strongly believes in the power of positive thinking. It was that attitude that created a happy and successful life for me. But now, at age 75, I’m bothered as I see the world growing more unstable and negative in terms of the overall collective consciousness of the planet. Seeing the many difficulties currently facing the world today, (wars and rumors of wars, WW III, global pandemics, globalwarming, homelessness, mass murders, etc.) I felt compassion, but powerless and frustrated knowing I couldn’t do anything to fix it. However, I knew from experience that you can always do something to make things better; I’m certainly motivated and physically able to do something and I’m positive enough (even my blood type is B +) to do something - anything to help the situation. In the meantime, I was looking for something positive to do to make life interesting for the remaining years I have left on the planet - something challenging enough to get me out of bed in the morning. The Happy Dreamer in me wanted to do something bold and amazing… but what?   Then, a vision began to materialize: What if we - me and the millions of other like minded people around the world, who also feel compassion, but are frustrated and feel helpless in the face of all these difficulties - could start a viral grassroots peace and love movement to change the world, making it better for all of us? The Happy Dreamer in me wanted to do something to lift the tone, attitude, and vibration of planet Earth. But how? I noticed that more and more people were literally wearing their thoughts and feelings on their sleeves, and on their T-shirts. Then the vision came to me: The Happy Dreamer Clothing Company! This is the most positive idea I could think of, and I knew it was something that I could do to be a part of the solution, instead of just complaining about the problems.  What if people all over the world were wearing  T-shirts with positive messages of love and peace on them? Maybe THIS could help the situation.The wise saying goes: “If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself.” This saying is what was on my mind when I formed our company. We know that words have the power to change things. Words are literally the most powerful things in the world; God used words to create the heavens and the earth. Why not use the power of words to change people's lives by wearing powerful, life-changing words and phrases as a second skin? Our shirts are designed to motivate people to be better human beings, in fact, the goal is to be the best human being possible by being the most loving person imaginable. The Happy Dreamer believes in love. He believes that love can change the world and the HDCC is his best attempt so far, to make that happen. Our mantra is, “Love God & Love People.” All of our designs are guided by this one grand dream… of creating a heaven on earth by being focused on Loving God and Loving People. Happy Dreamer also likes to give, so, a full 50% of all profits will go to a selected charity, starting with Doctors Without Borders. Will you join our loving peace movement to help save the world? Pick a positive design that you can relate to and help us change the tone and tenner of the planet. We are better, altogether…You can do something…Buy a shirt and help us save the world! *By wearing Happy Dreamer clothing, you are identifying with others who are joining this timely peace/love movement and you are believing… with happy dreamers everywhere… in the power of love to change the world. Now, we humbly ask you…with hope and a prayer in your heart, to join us! Let’s bring love, peace, joy and happiness into the world, starting right now … with you!