“Happy Dreamers believe in love.  They believe that love can change the world!”

Step into a world where love reigns supreme and positivity is the order of the day! The Happy Dreamer is a true believer in the transformative power of love and he's on a mission to change the world with his visionary clothing company. Giving Back: The “Happy Dreamer” loves to give. Giving is what makes him happy! Therefore, The Happy Dreamer is giving  a full 50% of  the HDCC profits to charity, starting with “Doctors Without Borders.

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Unisex Hoodies

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The Happy Dreamer Brand story

I am a happy dreamer who believes in love and who strongly believes in the power of positive thinking. It was that attitude that created a happy and successful life for me. But now, at age 75, I’m bothered as I see the world growing more unstable and negative in terms of the overall collective consciousness of the planet.

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The Power Of Words To Change Reality!

Masaru Emoto’s experiments proved that energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of an object.


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