The Happy Dreamer loves to give. Nothing makes him happier than sharing his blessings with others. That's why he's committed to donating a generous 50% of the Happy Dreamer Clothing Company (HDCC)  profits to charity, starting with the worthy cause of Doctors Without Borders. Some people have asked “why is the Happy Dreamer  giving away so much? Why not give just 10% or 20%?” But to the Happy Dreamer, giving is one of his primary long-term goals for starting the Happy Dreamer Clothing Company (HDCC). He believes in supporting hardworking individuals who selflessly serve others and choose to forego pay and privileges and endure hardships to relieve the suffering of others. These are true heroes of our time. The Happy Dreamer wants to reward them and the organizations they serve, So,  50% seems like a fitting and reasonable amount to give back to support the true saints among us.

By donating this significant portion of profits to charity, the Happy Dreamer Clothing Company (HDCC) is aligning itself with the spirit of love, mercy, and compassion, and is standing on the side of our higher angels.

Despite being a new company, HDCC's first goal is to give $1 million to a handful of great serving organizations worldwide. But that's just the beginning. The Happy Dreamer hopes to fund a diplomatic “think tank” focused on bringing people and countries together with cooperation, understanding, and peace. (He’s not called the Happy Dreamer for nothing!)

At Happy Dreamer Clothing, we don't just sell clothes - we sell a way of life. Our Life Changing Positive Tools of Intention are more than just a piece of fabric, they’re a symbol of hope and possibility. When you wear our clothing, you're not just making a fashion statement - you're joining a loving peace movement that's dedicated to making the world a better place.

So why wait? Join us on this amazing journey and let love change your life - and the world - forever. Wear your Happy Dreamer gear with pride and let your positive energy shine through. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter, more loving future for all.